Sunday, February 12, 2012

This Weekend

This weekend has made me smile so much, I cant help but have my face light up whenever I think of this weekend! Friday night, I went to Bar Louie to relax after a really busy day. Saturday, I was filled with laughter from family and friends all day long. Then, I continued the night with a performance of my dance studio! It amazes me how many kids can have so much talent! The happiness in their eyes when they got a big clap from the audience while they did something cool, was the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

The happiness of the audience and dancers filled the room with amazement and love for each other, I am definitely grateful to be in a community who shares passion with each other. After saying a genuine "Great job!", "That was ah-mazing!" "They are so talented, it was so awesome!", a few of my now called friends invited my friend, Erin and I to go get food with them and to the after party. Even though, we sadly spent 15 minutes with them at a restaurant before we headed out to get back home, (Erin and I live an hour away and we have to pass Denver on a Saturday night :/ Traffic sucks.) We enjoyed ourselves with their company! They made us laugh, talk and stand there awkwardly for a few seconds before looking up and laughing again.

After the shin dig was done, Erin and I decided to cruise down the highway, with non other, our favorite song.. "Niggas In Paris" on repeat. Yes. We are two white as can be girls who love to play Niggas In Paris. And Yes, we do know all of the lyrics. :) Its quite hilarious trying to focus on the road while your best friend is eating soup and rapping Niggas In Paris. Everyone should see this happen sometime in their life!

 I also had the opportunity to be busy this morning with some adorable little kids and I had a splendid time being sleep deprived while handling obnoxious questions and comments from 5-9 year olds. (It actually helps be a little crazy with them!)

As the time goes tonight, I say "Goodnight World" while I am listening to my favorite music with a nice hot cup of tea and the lovely memories of this weekend. Have a quiet, relaxing and marvelous sleep. I know, I will be having a sparkle in my eye and big smile on my face when I fall asleep.

Keep the spark of happiness,

(Erin on the left, Me (Maria) on the right)

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